Whole Grain Diets

Can This Natural Weight Loss Formula Help You Lose Weight?

Whole grains and natural weight loss have a definite, scientific, and proven connection. Perhaps that is not the best way or most accurate way to say it. It is actually whole grains and weight gain that have the connection. What do I mean?

In an original research communication from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dated November 2004, researchers summarized their conclusions. The bottom line means good news for those who need to lose weight, and it is further confirmation of what we’ve been saying here all along–it’s not only about weight loss, but rather preventing weight gain.

Studying the diets of 27082 men aged 40-70 from 1986 to 1994, the research led to one conclusion: The increased consumption of whole grains was inversely related to weight gain..” What does that mean in “plain English?”
Simply put, this extensive study demostrated that the more whole grains an individual eats, the less likely they are to gain weight.

It appears that whole grains contain components which may contribute to favorable changes in the body’s metabolism. That in turn may reduce long-term weight gain. Additionally, bran that was added to the diet or obtained from fortified-grain foods further reduced the risk of weight gain.

Nutritionists and weight loss professionals have long known the value of whole grains as an integral part of a balanced diet due to the amount of fiber they contain for instance. However, now the evidence seems to say that certain components in whole grains will result in a natural weight loss.

Of course the research conclusions do not mean that everyone should start consuming Jewish Rye bread for every meal. However, most Americans simply don’t eat enough whole grains in the first place.

So if you’re not already making a concerted effort to include whole grains as a regular part of your diet, now you have more reason than ever to begin doing so! And keep in mind that the less refined, coarser whole grains – like you find in oatmeal and Jewish Rye – are the kind of whole grains you want to add to your diet for a natural weight loss.

As with anything else, be sure to be moderate your intake of anything in your diet. And as the focus moves from “weight loss” to preventing “weight gain,” you will be a step ahead of the pack. And you heard it first here.

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