Are There Any Weight Loss Tips
That Actually Work?

Yes! Diet Basics put together several weight loss tips that are proven to work. How do we know this?

We're the scientists doing the studies to prove the tips work. And they do work...why else would weight loss websites copy these tips for weight loss?

Essential Weight Loss Tips

Here are the top 10 universal tips for weight loss, which are really "principles" of dieting:

  1. Lose Fat

  2. Avoid Fast Weight Loss

  3. Avoid Extreme Weight Loss (10 pounds at a time)

  4. Exercise

  5. Prepare to Diet..binge eating for two days before starting a diet is preparing, preparing to fail

  6. Focus on Helping Others Lose Weight...someone can learn from your experiences

  7. Allow have no choice

  8. Keep it Real...magic, ancient formulas, and weight loss without work are not real

  9. People will Rip You Off

  10. People will Help

Major Weight Loss Tips

The first set of tips for weight loss are major. Very few dieters follow them and very few dieters are successful.

Tip #1

From the weight loss tips list...cut calories by a small amount, 250-500 calories will result in weight loss.

Low calorie dieting slows your metabolism, making it progressively more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. The astronomical failure rate is fueled by extremely low calorie diets. Following our weight loss tips will help to increase dieting success.

Yet people continue to try one after another, always hoping that each new scheme will provide the solution.

Dieting fails due to a combination of hormonal changes, muscle loss, and flat out frustration. When faced with a shortage of calories, your body’s natural response is to conserve fat.

This mechanism may have come in handy for your distant ancestors trying to survive a famine, but the "starvation response" and its associated hormonal changes make life difficult for many a dieter.

If a dieter persists long enough with the self-imposed famine, the body begins to break down muscle tissue for use as fuel.

When protein is broken down, it releases nitrogen. Your body will quickly wash away the nitrogen by releasing water from tissue cells, causing an immediate reduction in water weight and a noticeable drop on the scale.

However, water and muscle loss is nothing to celebrate. The water weight will be regained quickly as soon as you have something to drink, and the lack of muscle can wreak havoc on your metabolism for a good long time.

So this brings up tip for weight loss #2...

Tip #2

From the weight loss tips list...Gain Muscle (or at least don't lose any while dieting).

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. It requires a certain number of calories each day to maintain itself.

Therefore, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn even when you’re just sitting around. As your muscle mass drops, so does your daily calorie requirement. Suppose, for example, that a dieter loses 10 pounds of muscle (along with maybe 20 lbs. of fat) on a strict diet.

Now suppose that each pound of muscle had been burning 50 calories a day just sitting there. Together, those 10 pounds of muscle had been burning 500 calories a day.

With this muscle tissue gone, the dieter must now consume 500 fewer calories a day in order to maintain that weight-loss.

We know, however, that most dieters won’t keep up the starvation routine for long. They’They will eventually return to their old eating habits. When this happens, the weight inevitably comes piling back on.

The weight loss tip lesson to learn here is: even though both muscle and fat were lost, they gained it all back as fat!

Now, this group of dieters have more fat and less muscle than before they started dieting...not good. Why is this not good?

A Slower Metabolism.

A slower metabolism, resulting from muscle loss while dieting, requires fewer calories to function. The danger is this:

If a dieter from this group started eating like she did before dieting, her slower metabolism would require 500 fewer calories to function. If she doesn't compensate for needing fewer calories, due to muscle loss, she'll quickly gain weight.

This is the number one reason dieters are prone to weight regain...regaining the weight lost while dieting.

The solution to this dilemma is an active lifestyle that includes aerobic exercise, a resistance training program, and a healthy diet, or more specifically, a Healthy Weight Loss.

This leads nicely to tip for weight loss #3...

Tip #3

From the list of weight loss tips...lose weight in a healthy way by losing fat and fat only.

Diets that promote fast weight loss, that are not nutritious, and claim exercise is not needed will not burn fat. Instead, you break tip #2 and lose muscle. This is not healthy weight loss.

Reducing calories and eating a healthy diet will lead to healthy weight loss. A diet based around whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein is a healthy diet. And this keeps your metabolism in high gear with 4 to 6 small meals a day.

It’s flexible enough to allow for popcorn at the movies or cake at a birthday party. No food is off-limits, but sweets and high fat junk food are eaten less often and in smaller quantities.

Just remember that a healthy diet is realistic and permanent. Follow this link for more information on healthy foods that help you lose weight.

The goal is to consume as many calories as you can while still losing body fat and maintaining or gaining lean muscle. If your calories are already below normal, don’t restrict them further.

The main form of fat in foods is triglycerides. Follow this link for the best diet to lower triglycerides.

Tip #4

From the list of weight loss tips...toss out the bathroom scale and rely on the way you look and the way your clothes fit. The scale can be misleading and discourage you when you're actually doing great. Losing fat and keeping muscle will result in less weight loss but a healthier you!

The bottom line is that you want to make strong, healthy, positive changes rather than punishing your body and your spirit with starvation. Your goal is the sleek healthy body of a naturally lean person who can enjoy what they eat.

You want to avoid at all costs the frail sagging body of a chronic dieter who has to measure every morsel.

Where to start

Recently, a new weight loss supplement was featured on CNN, NBC and the WebMD. We decided to research this product to see if it’s for real, or just the latest diet fad. Follow this link to learn the truth about Orlistat and see if it can help you.

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