Weight Loss Success Stories --
Where Did I Go Wrong?

Weight loss success stories makes you feel good, and helps to motivate. Reading weight loss success stories helps you to say, "if she can do it, then I can." But when looking at weight loss stories, you have to realize that there is a reason that some people lose weight, while others do not.

There are two basic approaches to losing weight; one approach is correct and the other is wrong. Which approach do you think we consistently choose? Yep...the wrong one.

The Real Weight Problem

Gaining weight is your problem, not losing it. Until you learn how not to gain weight, all weight loss efforts are done in vain. First, recognize that there are two types of weight gain...Natural Age Related Weight Gain and Weight Regain.

  1. Natural Age Related Weight Gain

    Gaining weight as you age is inevitable. Even body builders, athletes purposely building muscle, can not keep up with the body's relentless drive to slow down the metabolic rate.

    As the rate drops, the amount of energy consumed each day drops developing a huge positive energy balance, perfect for gaining weight. You have to do something with all the extra energy you're consuming.

    Unfortunately, the law of thermodynamics tells us we can not create or destroy energy. So if you eat it, plan on burning it. This way you're never left asking, "Where did I go wrong?"

  2. Weight Regain--The gaining of weight during or immediately after dieting.

    Weight regain is completely avoidable. It also is the most dangerous type of weight gain to your health.

    Many recent reports have shown that weight cycling or the Yo-Yo Diet may have associated risks far worse than obesity itself. Personally, I don't think comparing the degree of risk between yo-yo dieting and obesity is useless. Who cares?

    If you're obese or overweight, lose weight and feel better; just don't weight cycle while you try to lose the weight.

So, how are you going to lose weight, keep it off, and avoid weight cycling? If you want to have your own weight loss success stories, you need to speed up your metabolism. Then, you need to find a way to stabilize a fast metabolism.

If you can keep your metabolism from slowing down, weight gain of either type are non-issues.

So whats the best way to speed up your metabolism and lose weight? How can you have your own successful weight loss stories? Well take a look at our recommended weight loss supplement. It might be just the answer you are looking for.


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If you have any weight loss success stories you would like to share with our readers, please send them. We are looking for weight loss stories to inspire others.

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