Weight Loss Psychology

Blow Away Mental Obstacles Keeping You Overweight

Weight Loss Psychology can help you to overcome many mental obstacles keeping you overweight. The general approach to losing weight is to reduce the number of calories you eat and increase the number of calories you burn by exercising.

But it’s easier said than done on a consistent basis. You feel hungry, depressed, fatigued, and deprived when on a diet. It’s no wonder so many dieters fail at losing weight.

This is when weight loss psychology can help. Many techniques are available like hypnosis, support groups, visualizations, and behavioral modification. All of them are designed to supplement your current diet plan and help you achieve lasting weight loss success.

Weight loss psychology and hypnosis are very intriguing. Dr. David Jones, a well established and respected hypnosis practitioner, says…

“Hypnosis can be viewed as an advanced mind control technique which taps into the power of one’s subconscious thoughts–thoughts that carry the potential to unlock imaginable wealth and success for seemingly average intelligence, at best.”

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Regardless of the alternative dieting technique you choose to use, support groups offer fellowship, advice, and encouragement when times are tough. Today no one questions the benefit of support groups. The only question that remains is which is best…on-line or off-line programs.

Unfortunately, there has not yet been much research done to try and answer this question. Weight Watchers own study concluded that on-line support groups offer the greater benefit. There’s more information on this on our Support Groups page.

One huge obstacle for many dieters is the affects of depression on their success. Weight loss psychology offers both medical and non-medical options for overcoming depression and giving you the chance to lose weight that you deserve. Our Weight Loss Depression page has moreĀ  information on this particular subject.

The best “mind control” to practice comes from a simple philosophy that success breeds success. Read more about shaping your own weight loss goals by clicking here.