Weight Loss Preparation

The Top Five Prep Steps to
Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss preparation...how to prepare to lose weight and keep it off! Most diets focus only on one phase of dieting and neglect the other two. Not at diet basics, we provide you with all three phases of healthy weight loss, helping you succeed.

The first phase, Preparation, is critical to your future weight loss success. Don't ignore this important phase of weight loss, it will set the stage for lasting success.

The Three Phases of Successful Dieting:

  1. Prepare

  2. Maximize

  3. Control
Preparing for weight loss is the focus of this page. Here are the 5 important preparation steps.

Top 5 Prep Steps

  1. Tone Muscle
    That's right, before dieting, you need to get your muscles toned. This is critical in preventing weight re-gain (weight gained after dieting). We have a safe and effective way to tone muscles fast.
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  2. Drink Water
    Water is naturally filling and thermogenic. We can teach you these things and show you the benefits of following a simple plan to better hydration.
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  3. Sleep
    A consistent sleep pattern goes a long way to help you lose weight.
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  4. Eat More Protein
    Protein helps build muscle and repair tissue. It's a must to lose weight and prevent weight gain.
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  5. Eat more Group I Food
    Same with group I foods, the repair tissue, boost the immune system, and build muscle. Things like raw veggies fall in group I foods.
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