Does it Really Matter?

A weight loss plan works when a stable negative energy balance is created and sustained. Of course, any diet can do this, but very few take the time to do it right.

A Weight Loss Plan & Negative Energy Balance

The most important determinate in successful weight loss, besides a negative energy balance, is the time frame of weight loss, how fast or slow the weight is lost. The faster the weight is lost, the shorter the duration of success. Weight gain is inevitable for you with fast weight loss.

Take it slow, covering a long period of time, and you just might have a chance. This is when so many other factors play a role in determining your success. And since most diets only focus on one aspect, creating a negative energy balance FAST, they fail miserably.

This brings me to the second point…

A Tortoise’s Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss plans work when they follow the tortoise’s philosophy on weight loss. Slow, steady, and consistent steps forward allowing for small successes each day while inching closer to your ultimate goal.

Consistency and perseverance will lead you to success, not the fast fad diet or magic weight loss pill guaranteed to burn 10 pounds of fat just by looking at it!

The end result is a stable negative energy balance created by the tortoise’s way…slow and methodical. If you don’t go slow, your body goes into diet shock, a state of sudden change that convinces your body the loss of weight was unintentional.

The only thing that can happen during diet shock is weight re-gain, almost immediately. Reacting to what your body perceives as a danger, it counteracts the weight loss by going into full fat storage mode. This causes weight re-gain at a pace equal to that of the weight loss. Give your body time and it loves change, rush it and the counteraction is on.

Weight loss plans work best as a slow deliberate process, causes fat loss. Losing fat and fat only is how we define Healthy Weight Loss. No exceptions.

Weight Loss Trick Guarantees Fat Loss!

A slow process of creating a stable negative energy balance and one small “trick” guarantees nothing but fat is lost! Yes, a trick. Not a secret, just a little trick that results in a change in the order fat is burned for energy in relation to carbs and proteins.

If you are going to lose fat then your body has to burn it before it normally would. Fat is normally used last for immediate energy because it’s a perfect natural storage depot for energy.

So, trick the body into burning fat first and healthy weight loss can speed up a little. It’s pretty cool and you’ll learn more about it later.

This type of approach to dieting is slower but produces astounding results. It primes you for your second diet. That’s right, a second diet. Once you lose the weight, you’ll want to keep it off, I assume. Well, that’s why you need a second diet to take over, also known as a maintenance plan.

The Weigth Gain Prevention Study

I don’t call it a maintenance plan. I call it a prevention plan. What does it prevent? Muscle loss. Your best protection from future weight gain is muscle. Much more on this will come later.

The take home message…diets, ALL DIETS, do nothing more than create a negative energy balance by reducing calories and allowing for weight loss. It just doesn’t matter what the diet claims or if it’s the “new” dieting fad, weight loss occurs because you’re eating less!

This is great news. It means the reason we fail, falls mostly on us, the dieters. How do you determine your success?

Your weight loss success or failure is dictated by the rate of weight loss.

Think Tortoise!


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