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Are you considering joining a weight loss online program? Well before you do, read this article.

Don’t pay one penny to join an online weight loss program. At the end of this article, we will give you the best available program for free. And by the way, it works!

Before going over our free online weight loss program, lets discuss what makes a weight loss plan successful:

Weight Loss Online — You Should Avoid Fast Plans

Fast weight loss plans cause diet shock. What is diet shock?

The diet shocks your body, which in turn causes your metabolic rate to drop. The faster you lose weight the greater the subsequent drop in your resting metabolic rate. Your body thinks it’s starving and in order to conserve energy it will slowdown the metabolic rate. This translates into fewer calories burned on a daily basis, which in turn, creates a positive energy balance.

A positive energy balance is simply extra calories left over at the end of the day that you store as fat, yippee! Unless, of course, you eat less and/or exercise more to compensate for the extra calories brought to you by your own body’s slower metabolism.

So, as you can see, you really shouldn’t like fast weight loss plans…unless it comes from me. My plan allows you to lose weight at the fastest possible rate while minimizing your body’s efforts to slow your metabolism. And, I am giving it away free!

Weight Loss Online — You Should Avoid Easy Plans

What’s wrong with easy online weight loss plans? Nothing. If a weight loss diet actually makes the weight loss process easier without setting the stage for weight re-gain (the inevitable weight gain after dieting) than by all means go for it.

Unfortunately and especially true for weight loss online, easy plans mean bad plans and lots of weight re-gain in the future. How? Easy usually means fast (see above on fast weight loss plans) and fast is usually achieved by severely restricting calories. Since you are basically starving, your metabolism slows and the weight re-gain chain reaction is on.

My easy online weight loss plan will not slow your metabolism because I think it’s wrong to starve. My plan is exactly what it’s supposed to be…easy. It’s still work, but the work is easier to do.

My Fast Plan + My Easy Plan = Fast & Easy Weight Loss Online


    1. Week One — Cut calories by 100, do nothing else.

    1. Week Two — Cut additional 250 calories (total=350) and add a protein shake with mostly whey protein. For most people, replacing a meal with the protein shake will give a net reduction of about 300-350 calories.

    1. Week Three — Cut another 250 calories (total=600) and drink two shakes of mostly whey protein. The best time to drink them is in the morning and in the middle of your longest period of not eating. For me, I don’t eat from 3 pm until 8 or 9 at night. So I will drink a shake in the morning and one around 5 pm.

    1. Week Four online weight loss — Repeat week three.

    1. Week Five — Repeat week two by adding back 250 calories and drinking one shake.

  1. Week Six — Repeat week one by adding back 250 calories.

Repeat the entire cycle until you reach your ideal weight.

We’ll that’s it. Weight loss online just got better with this free online weight loss program. Now, once you start this plan, make sure you revisit this site and prepare to address your real problem…weight re-gain.

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