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Weight loss help is available for free on a variety of topics. Find the help you need to safely lose weight and keep it off. Dieters, just like you, are educating themselves for better results and meeting their goals. Help is here on topics like…

  • Learning how to safely get fast results,
  • Exploring the many alternative methods for losing weight,
  • Wanting proof if certain supplements really work.

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Help Regarding Fast & Easy Weight Loss

We do not recommend fast weight loss. And, unfortunately, easy diet plans really mean fast diet plans. Anything above the range of 2-3 pounds per week is too fast and will not result in fat loss. Instead, your body degrades muscle to lose weight which is the worst thing that could happen when you’re trying to lose weight.

But regardless of how often we preach about the dangers of fast weight, some of you will still want to try to lose weight fast. So we have put together two articles that outline how to lose weight fast and easy but remain healthy. Use the links below to open each article.

The link for an article on Fast Weight Loss
The link for an article on Easy Weight Loss

For Information on Healthy Weight Loss
Importance of a Weight Loss Plan
Help with Weight Loss Programs

Dieting Facts & Educational Material

We have a good directory for weight loss help. The Diet Basics Education directory refers visitors to our own pages, full of original, researched and verified weight loss information.

Start off with the Diet Basics Education page. Browse through the different pages designed to provide quick access to the most important weight loss information. The Diet Basics Quick Tour link will get you there.

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Exercise Help for Non-athletes

Our page on Weight Loss Exercises. contains information on many different options for exercising to lose weight and become healthier. We cover water aerobics, exercises for the elderly, exercises for the obese, and tips on purchasing equipment.Use the weight loss help links below to check individual topics, or use the link above for a general overview.

We also have a great Exercise Plan for non-athletes.

Help with Alternative Methods for Losing Weight.

The Diet Basics Herbal Weight Loss page is growing and currently provides information on common herbs used for weight loss.
If you’re interested in alternative approaches to losing weight, please check out our section.

Help with Spotting Bad Diets

We also recommend reading two articles on Weight Loss Product Warnings…How to Spot Bad Diet Pills and How to Spot Fat Burning Diets. Follow this link for information on the safety of the Atkins diet plan

Stop Cravings and Mid-day Hunger

Diets fail for many reasons but one consistently stands out in many cases of failure…cheating. And why do dieters cheat? Cravings.The lack of nutrition in many diets leaves you craving what your body is missing. It’s not as simple as missing ones food preferences, often the cravings are driven by a lack of nutrients.

Our professionals at Diet Basics were the first to introduce a concept called coupling. It’s been shown to really decrease cravings in dieters and increase the time they stayed on a diet, including some restrictive diets like Atkins and the Raw Food Diets.You can find our original article on Diet Coupling by clicking the link. What about mid-day hunger? Here are the top three things you can do to stop mid-day hunger.

  • Brush your teeth when you feel hungry. Sounds weird but it works like magic.
  • Eat more meals per day. Spread your caloric intake over 5-6 meals per day instead 2 or 3.
  • Be more active in the afternoon. Pick up a hobby, exercise, or any positive activity that can replace the act of eating.

For more weight loss help and tips, visit Weight Loss Tips & Advice