Are There Any Easy Weight Loss Exercises that Work?

No, there are no easy weight loss exercises. Exercising is work.

If you’re not in shape it’s hard work. But there’s a way to minimize the pain and still get in shape and lose weight.

On a relative scale of 1-10, with 10 the hardest, jogging rates around 7-8. That’s tough work. Diet Basics technique rates around 3-4 and often produces better results in shorter time. That’s great news!

So, yes, we offer an easier way to get in shape and lose weight…but it’s still work.

What is it? Resistance Training!

What is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is adding weight (resistance) to a muscle as it flexes and relaxes during a workout. Take walking for an example. As you step forward, plant your foot, and pull your body forward to match the location of your leg, a certain amount of resistance had to be overcome in order to accomplish taking the step.

In order to move, walk, pick things up, or throw something, the muscles involved must overcome resistance to accomplish the action. So it goes, that resistance training is to add more resistance forcing the muscle to work a little harder.

The best method for adding more resistance is to add it during muscle relaxation.

Resistance can be added to any exercise. Check out these additional pages on resistance training and weight loss exercises…

All that’s great, but do you really need to exercise? Yes, here’s why…

Why You Need to Exercise

Statistics Say So!

Weight loss exercises need one and only one statistic, and it’s from my own research. It’s figured from over 665 dieters and all I asked was at year two of dieting did you gain weight and did you exercise. That’s it. No specifics on the type of weight loss exercises, the type of diet they were on, or any of that self-reflection/hypnosis crap they might be trying…just did they gain weight and did they exercise.

The answers:

52% gained with exercising
92% gained without exercising

Here’s the kicker…88% of those that gained weight with exercising and dieting to lose weight are happy with their weight gain! Why? It’s from gaining muscle not fat.

0% of dieters that gained weight while trying to lose it without exercising are happy with their weight gain. Why? It’s all fat!

I hate exercising but I do it. You hate exercising, but you have to do it. It’s not as bad as you think.

Exercises You Won’t Hate

Here is a very simple and short list of weight loss exercises to try that you won’t hate:

  1. Walking – That’s easy! And just walk for 40 minutes 4 times a week and you can improve your health and help yourself to lose weight.
  2. Swimming – This is easy too (if you can swim)! 20 to 25 minutes 3 days a week is all it takes to become healthy and a few pounds lighter.The best approach to swimming is start real slow. Focus on a couple of strokes you know how to do already and add new styles as your conditioning improves.
  3. Water Aerobics – You guessed it…easy! And you don’t have to know how to swim, just don’t drift off into the deep end. This is outstanding for weight loss exercises…it’s low impact, aerobic, and offers resistance throughout all motion. Perfect! Read more by clicking on this link: Water Aerobics, It’s one of my favorites because it’s easy.

Exercises for Specific Groups

Here are some great links for specifics groups and general help with exercises and exercise equipment:

The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

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