Losing Fat & How to Choose a  Diet That is Right for You

A Weight Loss Diet has three phrases. Phase two involves dieting correctly, which is to lose fat.

The best way to lose fat and not muscle when dieting is to go slow, keep it it low, and the “trick.”

  1. Go Slow
    Keep the rate of weight loss near 2 pounds/week and you’ll do just fine.
  2. Keep it Low
    All you need to lose is 5-10% of your body weight, at any weight, to improve your health.Instead of a goal to lose 50 pounds, set your goal at 10 pounds and repeat the diet five times. Success Breeds Success.

Let’s find you a diet and keep it simple.

The following information will help you decide what is best for you. Any diet you decide to try, needs to be personalized to fit your needs NOT the other way around.

Far to often, dieters are trying to make themselves fit a diet and the results are not good. Make the diet fit you and maybe things will go a little better this time around.

Your Weight Loss Diet

  1. Low calorie diets with close to normal ratios of fat, carbohydrates, and protein.Example — The Zone.Probably the easiest weight loss diet to try is the low calorie normal ratio diet. Nothing crazy, just a simple reduction in the amount of food you eat.Problem — Not Strict Enough.

    If you need a program or diet that’s tough and requires you to follow the plan closely, then this is not for you.

  2. Low fat diets (basically, low calorie from a drop in the amount of fat).Example — American Heart Association.Clint Eastwood used to promote low fat diets.Problem — The Hardest Diets to Complete.

    Low fat weight loss diets are tough because we love fat! It takes a lot of motivation to stay with a low fat diet. You need to be “Clint Eastwood” like to do well with these types of diets.

  3. Low carbohydrate diets (lower calories by reducing the amount of carbohydrates).Example — Atkins, SouthBeach, Sugar Busters.Problems — Not Balanced Nutritionally.Ketosis is not a normal condition and has ramifications you will feel later in life. Pick a version that is not as intense as Atkin’s diet. Do you crave sugar? If so, try something else.
  4. High protein weight loss diets.If you are not a body builder, move on to another weight loss diet.
  5. Volumetrics/Negative calorie diets.The diets that fall under this category ultimately cause you to eat less by increasing the water content of the food you are allowed to eat. Basically, you get full fast. So you eat less.Negative calorie diets claim that certain foods cause more calories to burn when digesting them and that these foods essentially increase the amount of energy expended per day.Interestingly, the type of foods listed as having negative calories are similar to the foods used in volumetric diets (more water volume, get full faster, eat less…)

    We recommend the weight loss diets in this group. They are easy to do if you can stick with them.

As you can see, finding the right diet can be difficult. Sticking to that diet can be even more difficult. For these reasons, we recommend using a weight loss supplement. The difficulty is finding an effective one that works. Thats where we come in:


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