Lose Weight and Look Great

Wedding exercises will help you tone muscle. Toning muscle is your top priority as you prepare to lose weight for your wedding.

Not only will toning muscle help you lose weight, it will also make you look great.

Exercises that tone muscle will produce fast results unlike traditional forms of exercise. The key is to add resistance to an aerobic program. The aerobic part will help to burn calories and the resistance part will tone muscle.

Tone muscle is your best guarantee for lasting weight loss, beyond just your wedding day.

Pick one of the wedding weight loss exercises below:

  1. Resistance Walking
    Walk 45 minutes everyday and add ankle and/or wrist weights. As your conditioning improves, walk up-hills or on inclines for even more added resistance.If you stick with it (and follow the low calorie diet type described in the original article), you will lose weight and tone your muscles.
  2. Circuit Training
    Using resistance bands, follow a program that tones all muscle groups while providing a low impact aerobic workout. This only needs to be done 3-4 times per week and lasts about 30-40 minutes.The results are amazing!

Here’s a listing of articles that cover in more detail toning muscle, resistance training, and circuit training:


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