Toning Muscle, Exercise, and Weight Loss

There are two ways in which toning muscle and exercise can lead to weight loss. The first way is simple thermodynamics and the second way is metabolic.

  1. Exercise Thermodynamics & Weight LossWeight loss will occur when the amount of energy you consume (calories) is less than the amount of energy you use or “burn.” You can achieve this state, referred to as a negative energy balance and represents a true energy deficit, by eating fewer calories, exercising more, or both.

    Let’s look at a simple example and use exercise as the sole means of creating a negative energy balance, which will lead to weight loss.

      • Before Exercising…
    • Energy in (calories consumed)=3000
    • Energy out (calories used or burned)=2700
    • Total energy=+300, this is 300 calories extra that you will store as fat
      • After starting an Exercise Program…
    • Energy in=3000
    • Energy out=3100
    • Total energy=-100, utilize stored energy to make up the 100 calorie deficit

    With daily exercise, you’ll create an energy deficit of 100 calories that your body will fix by using up stored energy, which is stored fat. This results in weight loss.

    No fancy diets, no added cost, no diet shock and weight regain, just weight loss by moving your body in some consistent manner, called exercise.

    Historically, this option makes the most sense, too. Your extra weightis extra energy stored as extra fat. So why not do something that directly eliminates the extra energy keeping you overweight? This is what exercise does…it burns extra energy (stored as fat) by physically working your muscles.

    Dieting to lose weight, on the other hand, is an indirect attempt to burn extra energy stored as fat.

  2. Metabolic Weight LossThe more you exercise the more you use muscle. The more you use muscle the more metabolically active muscle becomes. This means, even at rest, you’ll burn more calories and protect against gaining weight, in the first place.

Bottom Line: Make building and toning muscle a top priority!

Weight loss starsCircuit training uses both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in one program. Follow this link to read more about Circuit Training. 

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