Teenage Weight Loss — A Good Idea?


Teenage Weight Loss

A teenager with a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 25 absolutely needs to lose weight. If this is your situation (as the parent with a similar teenager or the teenager him/herself), please see your doctor and discuss the options available.

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Parent Section

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teenage weight loss

Parent Section

You don’t want your son or daughter worrying about their weight…already. It worries me too. There’s pressure for teenagers (especially young women) to look slim with no noticeable fat, anywhere on their bodies. I don’t want to get political or debate the issue, but I do want to state the truth and then help you, as mom or dad, discuss intelligently the pros and cons of teenage weight loss.

So, one truth is out in the open. Your teenager may want to lose weight because they feel they have no choice. You’re the parent and you know the best way to approach your teenager, but I do offer this advice: don’t fight against feelings, instead acknowledge his/her desire to lose weight. If you “feel” he/she doesn’t need to lose weight, discuss your concerns with facts. Appeal to his/her teenage curiosity and desire for independence by asking him/her to first learn and then discuss the facts on teenage weight loss before making any decisions.

The ultimate decision is yours to make. Hopefully, you’ll make your decision based upon the same facts your teenager learned and your personal assessment of his/her maturity to follow a diet plan and control the amount of weight loss.

The Facts of Teenage Weight Loss

Forget about all the statistics indicating alarming rates of teenage obesity, and focus only on your teenager. No statistics and no outside pressures…just the facts.

Listed directly below are a few facts about weight loss that you and your teenager can discuss together.

To pull it all together and complete your understanding of weight loss, visit the page with our safe teenage weight loss plan.

Six Teenage Weight Loss Facts
#1-Use Height/Weight Charts to Help Decide if Losing Weight is Necessary

#2-Burning Extra Calories to Lose Weight is Better than Eating Fewer Calories

#3-Cardio Exercises with Resistance (Circuit Training) is Best for Burning Extra Calories

#4-A Balanced Diet Must Be Followed Or Risk Disrupting Normal Growth

#5-Cutting Out “Hidden” Calories is Key

#6-A Consistent Sleep Pattern & Proper Hydration Influence Success

If the decision is made to allow your teenager to lose weight, use this link to read about a… Safe Teenage Weight Loss Plan

teenage weight loss

Teenage Weight Loss Section

It’s OK to want to lose weight. I wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds to look better, even though I may not need to lose weight.

But you’re lucky…youth is on your side. And I can show you how to take full advantage of your youth by following an easy plan designed to help you develop the body you want.

The catch?

No catch, just two things you need to do:

  1. Give your parents this article to read, and then be open to discussing it with them.
  2. Read the Six Teenage Weight Loss Facts listed above. It’s incredibly important that you learn as much as you can about losing weight. Why? Do it the right way now and you’ll never have to lose weight again.

Once you’re done with what I asked you to do, then use the link at the end of the article to learn about a safe and effective way for teenagers to lose weight.

I am providing you and your parents this free information to help you lose weight in a safe and effective manner. There is no test to pass or secret code to obtain, just your word that you’ll complete the two things I asked you to do…it’s called the honor system.

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