Weight Loss Support Groups

Weight Loss Support Groups should provide at the minimum the following services…

  1. An Expert for answers to any diet or weight loss problem
  2. Support offered from thousands of other members
  3. A private weight loss journal
  4. A “How to…” lose weight section written by other members
  5. A weight loss partner or diet-buddy
  6. Private advice by personal message

Only choose an on-line support group that offers these things at a minimum. There should also be 24 hour technical support and 12 hour (day time) dieting support from experienced members or weight loss experts.

On-line groups that provide these things are effective at helping you to lose weight and keep it off. Many people also find that the support they get from an on-line weight loss coach is very helpful. To learn more about the benefits of weight loss coaches, just follow the link provided.

Off-line support groups can be either individual or groups. The best approach if you decide off-line is the best way to go is to pick a program that includes both group support and individual therapy with a certified professional.

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Zone, Atkins, and eDiets often offer great off-line programs in your local area for anyone on a current diet. In most cases, you don’t have to be using their diet, although it may cost you a bit more to join and use their services if you’re not on their diet.

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