Resistance training will help you effectively and efficiently exercise and lose weight.

It starts with Resistance Bands.

1. Resistance bands are being used more often for strength training now, and for good reason. They are:

• Portable, perfect for traveling
• Small and can be put away easily
• Inexpensive, allowing you to have several different bands and more options.

The debate is which form of exercise is best (I say who cares and just get up and move), aerobic training vs. resistance training.

Endurance vs Power. Length vs. Bulk. The answer is still not known, even today. Some studies support resistance and others support aerobic training.

What do I do? I mix the two types of exercises into one form of workout called Circuit Training. I started doing circuit training years ago with great success. At it’s core is weight training.

Design a muscle toning or musclebuilding regular work that then is timed. Moving constantly with little rest in between sets and exercise, circuit training is tough and exhausting. It works!

Is resistance training more anaerobic in nature? Or is it more aerobic? I don’t know.

And I really don’t care. It’s a good solid workout, usually lasting only 30 minutes,that produces some great results. Here’s the kicker…use resistance bands instead of weights. The bands are portable and light.

2. Most bands use a color coded system for strength rating.

Adapted from Body Trends

3. The best bands to buy are…

Tubes: Resistance bands are a great way to tone up, increase strength and keep fit while at home or traveling. They are light and portable coming in all sorts of sizes and strengths allows for easy storage anduse.

The Average Price is $15.00-$25.00 for a pack of several resistance bands of varying strengths.

4. To learn more about using Resistance/Exercise Bands, just follow the link.

5. Resistance Bands Work to Stabilize a Fast Metabolism…

One repetition using the resistance bands will flex, and extend the muscle associated with the primary joints motion.

The motion of extension has the ability to stretch the muscle fibers of the opposite muscle. This produces “longer” muscles cells. “Longer” muscle cells will require more energy at rest secondary to an increase in nervous stimulation.

The net affect is an increase in theresting metabolic rate. A faster metabolism translates into “muscles can keep you thin!”

6. Longer Muscle Cells are the Most Metabolically Active. 

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