Are Private Sessions Right For You?

Don't Miss Out! Experience the Personal Guidance & Instruction Offered by a Leading Weight Loss Coach

Your opportunity to finally lose weight, look great, and feel good is here with private sessions. It's time for you to benefit from the personal guidance and instruction from a professional weight loss expert.

A weight loss expert can help both obese and over-weight adults achieve lasting weight loss success. You can lose weight, you can keep it off, and you can improve how you look.

Weight Loss"This coaching program is amazing! I built a diet plan perfectly fit for me and lost 12 pounds in the first month. Thanks for everything."

--S. King
Houston, Texas

Private Weight Loss Sessions"It was like starting over with a coaching program. A clean slate, a new beginning...thanks for providing a fresh perspective on losing weight."

--D. Messina
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Friend,

I want to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to finally experience lasting weight loss success. A weight loss coach is second to none when it comes to real success.

Ask yourself these three simple questions:

  • Can you lose weight?

  • Can you keep it off?

  • Can you live a healthy and happy life?

The answer to each question is an astounding...YES!

You owe it to yourself to try this weight loss coaching program. You will be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight. With your motivation and a professional's guidance, success is guaranteed!

Here are the major benefits of a weight loss coaching program...

Major Benefits

  • Guaranteed Weight Loss Success
    No other diet plan or strategy can guarantee your success. Coaching, through continuous assessment of your progress, will keep you focused towards reaching your goals.

  • Guaranteed Lasting Results
    If your success doesn't last, what's the point? The personal guidance and instruction that is provided eliminates bad habits and helps you develop healthy dieting habits that will keep weight off!

  • Live Healthy, Look Great, & Feel Good
    Health and great looks lead to great feelings and fun times. Through continuous holistic support (physical, mental, and emotional), you will never doubt or question your ability to reach your goals.

    This means sticking with the dieting plan and maintaining your success for life. The result…all aspects of your life improve!

  • Destined to Succeed
    A personalized diet plan gives you a huge advantage right from the start. A program designs such a highly personalized plan; it only works for you.

    No dieting program can offer this level of personalization. You'll have a diet plan fit perfectly for you…matching your goals, motivation, and lifestyle. You own it.

  • Week by Week Consistent Weight Loss
    Consistent weight loss is a guaranteed benefit with this program. The continuous assessment of your progress and making appropriate adjustments, keeps your body in a physiologic state primed for weight loss.

    It's an evolving process. Strategies that work are optimized; strategies that don't work are removed. Eventually, the dieting plan will work perfectly for you.

  • Dieting with the Most Up-to-Date Techniques
    Never read another newsletter or promotion again. A weight loss coach will keep you up-to-date on the latest dieting concepts and techniques that work. Bad fad diets will become things of the past.

Pants girl"Since using a weight loss coach, I have lost weight, kept it off, and felt great. It's the best thing I ever did for myself, hands down!"

--J. Lynn
Mission Viejo, California

Now it's time to really highlight certain benefits of a weight loss coach. These benefits are unique to the Private Sessions Program.

The clinical, research, and industry expertise you will receive can not be matched by any other weight loss coaching program.

Here are the benefits truly unique to this program...

Unique Benefits

  • Lose the Maximum Amount of Weight Possible
    A Weight Loss Preparation Boot Camp is included as part of the coaching program. You'll be primed and ready to lose the maximum amount of weight without suffering any side effects.

    This means you won't gain back the weight you just lost, putting an end to weight cycling. This is a unique benefit found only with this program.

  • Flexibility in Choosing a Diet Plan
    This coaching program is designed to work with any diet plan. Low carbohydrate, low fat, or the latest fad doesn't matter. Whichever diet plan is used, it will work with this program! Don't have a diet plan? No sweat. One can be built for you.

  • A Toned & Tight Body
    Completing the Muscle Support Program included in this program results in a toned body. It's another unique part of the coaching program. Toning major muscle groups is the best protection from weight gain and guarantees lasting results.

  • Experience Healthy Weight Loss
    This program promotes healthy weight loss. When the decrease in total weight (total weight loss) results from losing body fat, it's considered healthy.

    Clients average 90% fat loss when losing weight.

  • Avoid Diet Drop Out by Controlling Food Cravings
    Using two techniques unique to this program, food cravings are controlled and the dieting plan continues without delay. Sticking with the plan is easier and diet drop out is a thing of the past.

  • Beat Mid-Day Hunger and Never Cheat
    How to beat mid-day hunger is revealed with a few "tricks" proven to work. Not hungry, you won't cheat and jeopardize your results.

  • Improve Success Rates by 50% with One Technique
    Skyrocketing success rates are easily achieved with one technique unique to this coaching program.

  • Avoid Weight Re-Gain
    Gaining weight soon after stopping a diet is called weight re-gain. It happens in over 80% of dieters and results in weight cycling.

    The repeated pattern of losing weight, regaining weight, and losing weight again, is a vicious unhealthy cycle. But don't worry. This program stops weight re-gain and avoids this bad cycle.

  • Experience Lasting Weight Loss Success
    Build a plan for lasting success. Skills and techniques from this program result in lasting weight loss success!

I challenge you to find a weight loss coach or dieting program that can offer all the benefits of this program.




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