Six Dieting Principles Offer Hope for a Weight Loss Cure

If you plan for weight loss, you can keep it off permanently. Six Dieting Principles hold the potential for a weight loss cure. This is not a magic cure pill or some ancient secret finally revealed…it’s pure science that can help you set a plan for weight loss for lasting success.

We will now provide the six principles. These dieting priciples can provide a potential weight loss cure for you.

Discovered…Six Dieting Principles

How do you plan to lose weight? Most of you would say, “I don’t.” By far, most dieters pick the latest fad diet and dive right in. The results…a billion dollar industry marketing empty promises and an obesity epidemic without a cure.
The six principles introduced below are the greatest hope offered for a cure so far. This is how they were discovered…

1. Dieting to lose weight is accomplished by reducing the number of calories consumed each day. All diets, despite the claims the marketers make, cause weight loss by making you eat less.

2. Reducing the number of calories, results in the activation of new metabolic pathways. Some of these new pathways support weight loss and others inhibit it.

3. The new pathways that support weight loss were isolated and developed into six dieting principles.

Incorporating these six principles into your diet plan may provide the neccessary steps leading to your weight loss success.

As mentioned before, there’s nothing magic about the principles. You will have to work hard, but for the first time, you’ll be following six principles proven to support your weight loss efforts. Plan for weight loss with confidence and hope, for the first time.

The Six Principles

1. The Preparation Principle
Steps to help you plan for weight loss by activating support pathways.

2. The Perspective Principle
Setting and shaping weight loss goals can provide mental support for losing weight.

3. The Conservation Principle
Steps to help you overcome the drive to conserve energy when you diet to lose weight. The activation of supporting pathways causes you to burn body fat and lose weight.

4. The Metabolic Principle
Steps that activate pathways which preserve muscle during weight loss. By toning muscle, you’ll lose weight by supporting a fast metabolism.

5. The Supplement Principle
Plan for weight loss by supplmenting your diet with food exchange and replacement programs, as needed to support you weight loss efforts.

6. The Maintenance Principle
Steps to maintain your success and help you experience lasting results. Learn how to prevent gaining weight after dieting.

So how do you achieve these six principles? Where do you start?


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