Many People are Already Talking About the Benefits
of alli™ with Orlistat but What Makes this
Weight-Loss Supplement Different?

There are many weight-loss supplements on the market but one particular weight-loss pill has gained much media coverage and critical acclaim. Is this simply due to good marketing or does Orlistat really help people to lose weight? We have done our own research to find out if Orlistat really does work. Orlistat is the active ingredient in this sites recommended supplement, alli ™ (Manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare)

How does Orlistat work?
Put simply Orlistat as an active ingredient works by blocking some of the fat that you eat so that it is not absorbed by your body.

Is Orlistat safe to use?
Orlistat is an active ingredient rather than a stand-alone product and is the main active ingredient in alli. Often prescribed by the medical profession as Xenical and sold as an over the counter medication as alli. Care should be taken here as each often contain differing dosages of Orlistat.

Both are safe to use if taken correctly according to the instructions. Orlistat is also on many occasions prescribed by doctors, usually as Xenical, and should be used exclusively by the person for which it is recommended or prescribed.

Orlistat is not suitable for people with certain conditions. For example, people with gallbladder problems or gallstones, underactive thyroid, pancreatitis, chronic malabsorption syndrome, liver disease, kidney disease, type 1 diabetes or an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Type 2 diabetics should discuss with a medical professional before using to be on the safe side.

Orlistat is also not recommended during pregnancy despite someone being overweight or obese. If you become pregnant, you must stop taking Orlistat derived medication, Xenical or alli immediately. This is because Orlistat makes it harder to absorb specific vitamins that are essential when nursing a baby. If you are breast-feeding a baby, it is important to seek advice from the doctor.

The over-the-counter brand, - alli with orlistat - is not suitable for people under 18. In some special circumstances, prescription Orlistat, Xenical, can be used by children aged between 12 and 18 under the doctor's advice.

ALWAYS purchase from a reputable source
Orlistat is a FDA-approved weight loss drug but it is vital to purchase it from a reputable source. Purchases of the drug from the internet could be risky due to the inclusion of dangerous ingredients so make certain that you use a reputable site. (All links on this site will point to For example, some samples of pills fraudulently labeled as "alli" that were obtained from the internet contained Sibutramine (Meridia) which is a prescription weight-loss medication that can have dangerous side-effects in some people. Orlistat is a very safe drug if it is recommended, obtained from a reputable source and taken according to the instructions.

Are there any potential side-effects when using Orlistat?
Orlistat is a successful weight-loss supplement in part because of the well-known potential side-effects that it causes. If you ingest Orlistat while eating a high-fat diet, it can cause orange or brown-coloured oily stools, fatty stools and accidental oily discharge.

This obviously doesn't happen to everyone or no-one would ever use it! However it is a possible side effect you should be aware of. It may also cause an urgent need to use the bathroom, loose stools and an increased number of stools.

These side-effects are normal and should lessen once you become accustom to using medication with Orlistat as the active ingredient alongside a low-fat diet.

There are also other side-effects which are serious and should prompt you to stop using Orlistat immediately. These include lower back pain, blood in your urine and pain and difficulty when urinating. Orlistat can also cause kidney problems in some cases which can be identified as tiredness, shortness of breath and swelling in your feet or ankles. Orlistat can induce liver problems which will cause nausea, itching, loss of appetite, tiredness, upper stomach pain, jaundice of the skin and eyes, clay-coloured stools and dark urine. However these side effects are rare but you need to be aware.

Is Orlistat as effective as marketing suggests?
Orlistat (alli) is proven to be highly effective. It should be taken up to one hour before or during each meal, with a maximum of three capsules taken per day or as prescribed or as per instructions. It is also best if you use it in conjunction with a diet, including a diabetic diet, where 30% of calories are coming from fat.

According to clinical trials, people that used the weight-loss pill, alli, lost 50% more weight than that of people using a placebo drug. For example, if you lose 5lbs solely by following a diet, you will lose 7.5lbs if you use alli in addition to following your diet (or if you could manage to lose 20lbs with diet alone then with orlistat that could be 30lbs - quite an incentive!)

It was also shown that weight-loss was easier to maintain if the person continued to take alli compared to that of the placebo group. However, it is vital that it is taken in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise to ensure optimum results. It is important to consider the reviews of dieters who used alli as a weight-loss supplement. has 182 reviews of Orlistat and an average rating of 8.9 out of 10. The common consensus was that Orlistat was very useful in losing weight and maintaining weight-loss. The majority of negative comments were regarding the embarrassing side-effects that Orlistat can produce when eating a high-fat diet.

Are the manufacturers of Orlistat transparent and ethical?
Xenical and alli both contain Orlistat but are marketed under different names. They also include a different quantity of Orlistat. For example, Xenical contains double the amount of Orlistat (120mg) compared with alli which contains 60mg.

Xenical is manufactured by Roche Products Limited and alli is made by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. Both companies are very transparent on their websites. Roche Products Limited have a very ethical standpoint and state that their aim is to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of global citizens. They confirm that they are the world's largest biotech company. They also stated that twenty-nine of the medicines that they have developed are included in the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines which shows that their products are widely acclaimed.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is also highly transparent and ethical. They have a search function which discloses information regarding their products. This feature also brings up articles that have been written about alli and its launch. Both manufacturers are well-respected and have vast experience of producing a wide array of effective and safe drugs for the mass market.

alli with orlistat is an effective supplement which has an impressive success rate when taken according to the instructions. It is not a miracle drug: working well in conjunction to a calorie-controlled diet and exercise. alli is a very safe weight-loss supplement as long as it has been recommended or prescribed by a medical professional and it is purchased from a reputable source.




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