A Cure for Obesity?

The following pages can help you win your battle against obesity:

Help With Obesity – Information on a weight loss program designed especially for obese people. For many people, there is no better option!

Obesity Cure – See if a weight loss supplement is the answer for you. Many people swear by them, but is a supplement right for you?

Obesity Statistics – Read the latest obesity facts. Additional resources for help, obesity facts and figures.

Causes Of Obesity – Information about the causes of obesity, including both genetic and environmental factors.

Childhood And Teenage Obesity – Learn about the safety of teenage dieting. Teenagers, find out how to diet in a healthy manner. Parents, work with your children to make sure they lose weight the healthy way.

Weight Loss Surgery – Learn the facts about this surgery. Find out the different types of surgeries, the risks involved, what to expect, potential complications, and other considerations.

Exercises For The Obese – Learn about exercises especially designed for obese people.

Consequences Of Obesity – Obesity causes heart disease, strokes, diabetes, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, gout, etc. Learn about the consequences of being overweight, and why losing just a little bit of weight can substantially improve your health.

Obesity Epidemic – Information about what has caused obesity rates to increase. How the foods we eat and the fast paced lifestyles we live have greatly effected our health.

The Obesity Debates – Learn about the causes of obesity. What you read online by so called “experts” may not always be the truth.