The Obesity Epidemic


What Obesity Epidemic?

The Purpose of this page is to determine if there really is an obesity epidemic. So let’s get started.

We need to do the following

1.  Define epidemic

2.  Evaluate the obesity statistics

3.  Compare obesity statistics in the context of an epidemic



An epidemic is generally a widespread disease that affects many individuals in a population. An epidemic may be restricted to one locale or may even be global (pandemic).

An outbreak of a disease is defined as being epidemic, however, not by how many members or what proportion of the population it infects but by how fast it is growing. When each infected individual is infecting more than one other individual, so that the number of infected individuals is growing exponentially, the disease is in an epidemic state.

An epidemic is reflected best by the incidence of a disease. The incidence of a disease is the number of cases reported over a specified time period.

Rapidly Spreading Disease = High Incidence = Epidemic

The Obesity Statistics

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey is the most trusted and up-to-date source for statistical information on obesity. The most recent release of their continued efforts covers 1999-2000.

In this time period, we found more cases. For 1999-2000, there is an increase in incidence without making a direct comparison between time periods.

What this information shows is for the specified time period (1999-2000) the percentage of overweight and obese adults is increasing fast. That’s it.=

Obesity Statistics in Context of an Epidemic

An epidemic is a rapid increase in the number of cases in a specified period of time. Does obesity fit this definition? Yes!

Conclusion: The Obesity Epidemic is Real

The obesity epidemic has causes beyond the natural weight gaining process. Naturally, the resting matabolic rate decreases with age and will result in slow and steady weight gain.

But if the natural weight gaining process isn’t enough to explain the weight problem we face, what is?

Many factors contributed to the current epidemic. Unintentionally, the foods we eat and the fast paced lifestyles we live have greatly effected our health and have led to the current state of our nations health.

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