How to lose weight naturally

Gaining muscle is the best way to guarantee natural weight loss and to keep the weight off.

Amazingly, in 2001, 60% of all failed diets were listed as healthy options. The remaining 35% of failed diets came from the fad diets of the time.

The total percent of diet failures was 95% – measured at 5 years from initiating what each dieter thought was a healthy, natural option.

Natural Weight Loss and Maintenance

Five years may seem like too long to measure a diet’s success. But these products are essentially medication for overweight Americans. And 5 years is a gold standard for long term measurement.

Take a look at the numbers for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years…basically it’s a high percent of failures at any given time. Year by year, it steadily climbs toward that awful failure rate of 95%.

    • Year 1 Failures — 58%


    • Year 2 Failures — 78%


  • Year 3 Failures — 86%

Failure continues to be defined as any amount of weight gain while actively participating in a study for a diet.

Are you just programed to be overweight? The good news – no.

The bad news…with age comes weight gain.

There is no way possible to conduct an in-depth analysis of why you gain weight with age. For one, it would never end.

We learn new concepts about the weight-age relationship almost daily making many things discussed a couple of days ago obsolete.

Secondly, it’s just not necessary. The most important factor in age related weight gain will remain in the top spot: muscle.

Age a little, lose muscle, gain weight. Age a few more years, lose more muscle, gain more weight. We will spare you the rest of the gruesome story.

Of course, how much muscle you lose and the number of pounds you gain depends on genetics, health, diet, and many other factors. Lets go over these factors in more detail, and then discuss how to lose weight naturally.

Age Related Weight Gain

The factors involved with age related weight gain end up indirectly causing muscle loss. Muscle is definitely center stage. Maybe the diagram will help some…

Low Thyroid Hormones Poor Sleep Digestion Social

Muscle Loss

Weight Gain

Muscle loss is the common denominator for all causes of weight gain. And the loss of muscle is what makes natural weight loss so tough. Muscle tissue is the major contributor to the resting metabolic rate.

Subsequently, with the loss of muscle tissue, the resting metabolic rate drops. The end result is a decrease in the amount of energy necessary to function on a daily basis.

Simply put, you don’t require as much energy. However, the supply of energy coming in (that’s you eating and drinking) remains constant. This is called a Positive Energy Balance.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

Positive energy just means too much energy. Your body will not waste it, so it stores it as fat. You gain weight.

So what do you do about your positive energy balance? Well, here is a two part answer:

  1. Lose weight without losing muscle.
    Natural weight loss begins here with fat loss. Low calorie diets, result in muscle loss, in preference to fat so that the most useful tissue is preserved for times of starvation.The problem with diets that cause muscle loss is they set you up for weight gain in the near future.

    Muscle is active tissue, when it’s gone your metabolism drops dramatically…gaining weight is inevitable.

  2. Maintain weight by gaining muscle.
    At least keep the muscle you have by dieting right and preparing your body for losing fat but preserving muscle.But you can go beyond preserving muscle and actually increase muscle mass. The ways to accomplish this involve weight and resistance training.

Now, relax. There is no need for a gym membership. Simple resistance exercises added to a mild or moderate aerobic routine will be just fine for most of you.

In summary:

    • Lose weight by losing fat ONLY!


    • Maintain weight by gaining (or at least keeping) muscle


  • All of the above will ultimately Prevent Weight Gain and allow for natural weight loss. This is how to lose weight naturally.

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