Will A High Fiber Diet Plan Lead To Weight Gain?

High fiber diets are not specific diets but instead represent a low fat, whole grain approach to losing weight and improving your health.

Of even more interest, two studies recently reported that several dieters experienced “weight gain” following the prescribed low fat, high fiber diet plan.

The term weight regain refers to post-diet weight gain. In other words, gaining weight after losing it on a specific diet plan.

Weight gain and weight regain produce essentially the same outcome but do so in different ways. Weight gain is caused by the natural aging process associated with slower metabolism, while weight regain results from dieting itself.

As of today, no specific diet type is linked to weight regain. The method used by a diet to cause weight loss (low Carb diets or negative calorie diets or low fat diets, etc…) is not a factor of weight regain.

Instead, things related to dieting itself cause weight regain. Things like the speed of weight loss and/or extreme calorie restriction.

However, as mentioned above, two recent studies indicate that whole grain diets (low fat and high fiber) increase the chances of experiencing weight regain.

Weight Gain by Whole Grains

Whole grains are not processed and are found in breads, cereals, and pastas. Breads and pastas made with whole grains are high in fiber, low in energy density, and low in fat.

Whole grain diets replace fat with whole grains. Depending upon the amount of fat reduced in your diet, a whole grain diet can result in fast and extreme weight loss.

The question to ask is whether or not this was the case with the two studies. Or are high fiber diet plans directly causing weight regain in some unknown way.

High Fiber Diet Plans Are Innocent

After examining the two studies reporting on the possible association between whole grain diets and weight regain, it became clear that the real cause was fast weight loss.

The average rate of weight loss in the study was estimated at 5 pounds/week, occurring only early in the study.

The fast rate of weight loss (5 pounds/week)is a perfect set up for weight regain. The speed at which the subjects lost weight caused the weight to come back. The high fiber diet plan had nothing to do with it, at least not directly.

Weight Regain, Yo-Yo’s, and Risk

Weight regain is a real problem keeping you overweight. It keeps you trapped in the vicious cycle of the Yo-Yo diet (gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight etc…).

The Yo-Yo diet is just as dangerous to your health as obesity and, unless diet plans stop promoting fast weight loss, there is no end in sight.