Fad diets are simply popular methods of weight loss. They are not good or bad diets, just popular.

However, fad diets universally follow the “hit hard and run fast” approach to dieting.

Hit Hard & Run Fast – Diet Fads

Any diet plan can cause rapid weight loss. Let’s say you developed a new plan guaranteed to melt the pounds away.

In truth, you’re just starving the dieter for two to three weeks and, sure enough, the pounds melt away.

Your dieting plan is then praised by all for how well it works. This free publicity brings in more dieters to try your diet plan.

Starve a bunch more dieters, melt away tons of pounds, and listen to the praise of your faithful followers…you love the internet!

But than a dark cloud is noticed over your horizon. This is your signal to run! Wrap things up, take the money you’ve made, and get out of town.

That dark cloud is the tons of weight your followers lost, but are about to gain back. This isn’t good.

You run.

And that’s how most dieting fads work. The plans are designed to restrict calories below a safe level, in order to produce fast weight loss.

The instant gratification mentality of consumers feeds right into the diet’s plan. Dieters love the rapid drop in weight.

They celebrate their succeess and soon are off the diet completely.

What follows? Weight Regain.

Weight regain is the gaining of weight suffered by most dieters when they stop dieting. Some where around 75%-90% of dieters suffer weight regain.

However, the fad diet which as now caused you to gain weight is long gone from the picture.

No association is made between the rapid drop in weight and weight regain…your fad diet is still remembered as a successful one. Amazing, isn’t it?

Examples of a diet fads that don’apple-patch-diet.html”>apple patch diet, the milk diet,
and the 3 day diet.

You can also read about the benefits green tea dieting to see why this diet doesn’t work.

How Can You Spot a Bad Diet Fad?

Are you frustrated with all the weight loss plans that don’t work? Or, are you one of those dieters who suffer from weight regain and never blame the diet plan, but attack yourself in the process?

It’s time to avoid bad fad diets and start maximizing the weight loss potential of good nutritious diets.

Always try to remember the main reasons you need to diet in the first place. Keep these things in focus and ignore the rest of the noise on the internet.

You can read more about the problems with fast weight loss diets by following this link.

Here are four reasons why you need to diet…

Why you need to diet……You’re At Risk. Weight Loss for you is serious now. Your health is at serious risk and it’s no longer a game. Leave it up to the diet impostors and risk more than a few bucks. You deserve better.

Why you need to diet……You’re Malnourished. Other weight loss programs only make it worse. This diet begins by correcting all sorts of nutrition issues. It’s a mess but we take care of it.

Why you need to diet……You’re Off Balance. Metabolism and total energy balance are not balanced and it’s keeping you fat. This diet returns balance, lowers your BMI set point, and eliminates the problem forever.

Why You Need To Diet……You’re Habitually Bad. If bad habits keep you fat, can good habits keep you thin? Yes!

Most online weight loss programs don’t even mention the diet basics of WHY you need to diet — fix WHY you need to diet and your weight problem takes care of itself.

A diet should have a plan for handling the 4 main reasons you need to diet. Fad diets fall way short of this goal.

Your diet should provide solutions for…the reasons for dieting. You need to go on a diet because of 4 issues:

    • The at RISK…for major health problems


    • The MALNOURISHED…starved for nutrients


    • The OFF BALANCED…energy conservation stores fat


  • The BAD HABITS…keeping you overweight

Spotting Fad Diets Facts

Three facts about diet fads can help you spot the bad ones.

Fact #1 — Fad Diets, Outside The Diet Definition

A diet prevents weight gain. As you lose weight by losing fat, a diet should prepare your body NOT to gain weight in the first place.

Unfortunately, many diet fads fall outside of the diet definition by causing you to lose muscle and water, not fat.

By promoting themselves as the best quick weightloss diet, fad diets guarantee that you’ll lose muscle, the most metabolically active tissue in your body. Without muscle, your metabolic rate slows way down, leaving you without protection from future weight gain.

Fact #2 — Fad Diets Are Not Nutritious

The average American is starving for vitamins and minerals. A diet that doesn’t fix the nutritional status of a dieter, will fail miserable…and most don’t address your nutritional state and fail.

If you’re overweight or obese, correct the vitamin deficiency before starting a diet. This helps to control appetite and avoid the tendency while dieting to over-eat. Try eating more fresh vegetables and fruits and the problem quickly resolves,
proved this many years ago by promoting balanced diets to help lose weight.

Fact #3 — Fad Diets Are Not Scientific

Never accept a claim made by a diet program that is not backed up by real science. How do you know if it’s backed up by real science? Real scientists ALWAYS make it very clear that their work is real science and display their work for everyone to read.

If you have to dig around for the evidence that apparently backs up a claim of a diet plan, red flags should wave like crazy. That’s a bad fad diet.

Here’s an example of a claim made by a diet plan…

Scientific Diet Claim

Fad Diet Claim

“In the September, 2002, vol.34, ed.102, journal Nature, Dr. Stephen Laws from the University of Texas in Austin, demonstrated….”


Date, Journal with volume and edition/issue, author, the author’s academic institution — all clearly written.

Here are some Fad Diet claims:
1) Dr. Laws claims….

2) Our diet showed….

3) In a recent study…

4) I recently read that….



1) Who is Dr. Laws? Why does he “claim” and not “demonstrate”?

2) If it’s “your or our diet” let someone else report on it.

3) What recent study?

4) What journal? Is this just a review? If so, tell us that.**No specifics given on dates, journals, etc…

In Summary, Fad Diets are…

    1. Fast Weight Loss Solutions…not healthy.


    1. Not Nutritious.


    1. Non-scientific despite the use of science words.


  1. Marketed with Diet Deception.

If you are still considering a fast dieting plan, take a look at our page on quick weight loss. It minimizes the effects of fast weight loss by evenly spreading the weight loss over a six week period.

Several years ago a weight loss plan came around that was completely opposite the fads of the time. While other plans focused on Carbs or pills made to boost your metabolism, NutriSystem focused on nutritious plans and balanced diets. The results have been impressive.

Thousands of dieters, like yourself, have lost weight and kept it off following NutriSystem’s program. As a health professional, I highly recommend it and that way you avoid fad diets without even trying.

Make it your
New Year’s Resolution #1…NutriSystem!

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