Exercises for the obese are especially beneficial, however the difficulties of starting an exercise program when you are seriously overweight can not be ignored. This article was adapted from the web site About.com, Exercise for Obese People.

Private Personal Training

This is an excellent option for anyone, but especially someone who’s obese and looking to lose weight and get healthy. However, because of the gym-intimidation factor, there are plenty of obese people who miss out on the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert.

One option, if you want to avoid the masses, is to work privately with a personal trainer. You can opt for hiring a trainer to come to your home or work with a trainer at a personal training studio.

Some of the advantages in working out at a studio include:

  • The ability to negotiate sessions and pricing. Many chain gyms have a set price and set packages for personal training. If you go through a studio, you may have more room to negotiate pricing and even the length and frequency of your sessions.
  • Privacy. Most studios are small and often exist only to provide personal training (though some may also offer group fitness classes as well). At some, you can even request private training–meaning they’ll schedule you at a time when no other trainers or clients are there.
  • Experienced and educated trainers. Nothing against trainers at health clubs, but you’re more likely to find more experienced trainers at a studio. Some studios have trained instructors that specialize in exercises for the obese.

One note — not all personal training studios are alike, so do your research. Visit different places before you make a decision and check the trainer’s credentials and experience. Try to find a trainer with experience in creating exercise programs for more overweight individuals.

Online Personal Training – Exercise for Obese

If you’d like to work with a personal trainer but don’t have the funds or time, consider joining an online program. There are several out there so be cautious and choose wisely.

One word of advise…ask to speak to the trainer(s) before signing up. You would be surprised how this one question will help you make the right choice. Be sure to ask them if they are knowledgeable of exercises for the obese.

When you sign up, you’re assigned your very own trainer to set you up with a workout. If you’re a beginner, keep in mind that you won’t have someone there monitoring you and watching your form. If that may be a problem for you, start with a live personal trainer and move on to online training when you’re more comfortable with exercise.

At Home Exercises For The Obese

Right now, there’s not a lot of equipment out there specifically for obese and/or overweight people. While I believe that will change in the next few years as the demand grows, there are some options for people who prefer to exercise at home.

Recumbent Bikes and Cross-Trainers are great for people who need support while they exercise. One of the newest products on the market is the Recumbent Cross Trainer which offers an alternative to endless pedaling. This machine is more like a stepper than a bike and it allows you to work your upper body and lower body at the same time without stressing your joints.

Exercise Balls are great for obese clients to help them work on balance, stability and abdominal strength. Some of the basic exercises you can try include sitting on the ball (try watching TV for a while and you’ll feel your body working a little harder than usual), marching or balancing by lifting one foot off the floor, hold and then lift the other foot. One of my favorites is the Spri Xercise Ball.

Portable Pedlar. I use a pedlar with one of my clients and she gets a great cardio workout without having to try to maneuver herself onto the recumbent bike. They do have some fancy models out there, but simple ones work just as well and you can adjust the tension to make it easier or harder to pedal. With my client, I simply have her pedal for as long as she can, rest and then repeat 5 or more times. We keep track of her revolutions each week to track her improvement. For the record, she started out with about 150 revolutions and she’s now well over 500.

Exercises for the obese are important, just like for anyone else. And if you are overweight, please make sure you check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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