Healthy Weight Loss
A Brief Review

A Diet Maker prepares the dieter, not the diet, for healthy weight loss. This individual demands strict adherence to the three diet basics of weight loss — Losing Fat, Gaining Muscle, and Practicing Good Habits.

All three diet basics are necessary for healthy weight loss. Don’t dismiss the diet maker or your initial weight lose success will be short lived. If you’re not careful, Yo-Yo dieting with dangerous weight fluctuations will become the cycle that keeps you fat!

A few studies between 2001 and 2002 showed a significant increase in mortality with Yo-Yo dieting when compared to obese and nonobese controls with stable weight.

Starting a weight loss plan that promotes rapid weight loss, unbalanced meals, and little to no exercise, is placing yourself at risk for a lifetime of weight fluctuation and the distinct possibility of a premature death.

Better yourself. Improve. Rise above the doom and gloom and enjoy life! Exist! Be! Act! Start by losing weight and do so by following the diet basics:

  1. Lose weight by losing fat. Do it slowly, at a pace no greater than 1-2 pounds per week. Simply by cutting calories — about 250 calories is all you need to cut back on — and going slow, you will lose fat!
  2. Gain muscle! Muscle is your best protection from weight re-gain and will slow the natural weight gain of aging. Exercise. For some exercise tips and plans, go to
    Weight Loss Exercises.
  3. Learn and practice good habits. Good habits keep you thin. Do two things:
    • Read our page on fad diets, and why they are bad.


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