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Diet Facts - The Top 20

Six months ago, a reader told us she had given up on trying to lose weight. She was frustrated. Eight failed diets over five years and all she has to show for her efforts is a new diagnosis of diabetes.

She asked us to come up with 10 hard facts about weight loss. Facts she could verify and, if all true, use as motivation for her next diet.

We came up with 20 diet facts. She was our motivation.

  Top 20 Weight Loss Facts:
  1. Weight gain is inevitable.
    As you age, the resting metabolic rate decreases. Without a counteraction of decreasing food intake or increasing physical activity, you will gain weight. Why? Muscle loss.

    Muscle mass declines at a steady pace throughout adulthood. When it's gone your primary drive behind the resting metabolic rate is gain weight. You are fooling yourself thinking exercise, specifically resistance training, is not necessary.

  2. Weight gain prevention--the new diet definition.
    Stop focusing on fast weight loss and start preventing weight gain. How? Eat. Exercise. And drop bad habits.

  3. Diets do harm by stressing the body during weight loss.
    Lose weight fast, starve yourself, neglect entire food groups--yes, you'll gain weight soon.

    Why? Put your body through stress (like extreme diets) and the response is to conserve energy. You might lose weight fast but the conservation of energy by your body eventually catches up and wins.

  4. There are four "eating" personality disorders.
    Each eating personality, a minor variant of a general personality, is associated with unique bad habits that cause weight gain. But these same eating traits have good habits to just have to be willing to learn.

  5. Dieting is losing fat but keeping muscle.
    Maintaining weight is about increasing muscle.
    Never start a diet that will cause you to lose muscle. If you're not sure ask. Email us anytime.

    If not us, just make sure you ask a professional.

  6. Diets that cause muscle loss are not diets.
    This is truly a trick. By eating the right food combinations, you trick the body into utilizing fat stores and preserving muscle.

  7. Micronutrient deficiencies cause over-feeding.
    You're starving for vitamins and minerals. Your body knows what it needs and the result is over-feeding on the same nutrient poor diet that caused the problem in the first place.

  8. You need two diet plans.
    One is for losing fat and the other is for keeping muscle (gaining muscle would be better). Several recent studies support two diet plans, one to lose weight and one to prevent gaining it back.

  9. Calorie composition is important.
    The absolute number of calories you eat is important.
    Counting calories is not as important as we once thought. However, the number of calories consumed per day remain a big factor in your weight problem.

  10. Water is thermogenic.
    This is a good thing...drink water.

  11. Supplements are not necessary for most Americans.
    One possible exception: Calcium.
    Calcium is good. Coral calcium was not formally tested to treat the diseases some websites claim it cures. Just keep that in mind.

  12. Ideal weight should be a weight range.
    This has a great impact on setting realistic goals.

  13. Support groups help.
    Our own research showed that participating online with peer groups is best.

  14. Bad habits keep you fat.
    Good habits can keep you thin.

  15. Two diets work better then one.
    Focus on Preventing weight gain and things will be easier in the long run. You need two plans (see diet facts #8)

  16. Energy density of a meal is key.
    It can effect how much you eat in one sitting. Fat content doesn't.
    High energy foods make you eat MORE. High volume foods lead to early satiety. What does this mean? You don't have to cut calories too much or sacrifice taste to diet. The right food combinations can make all the difference

  17. Any diet that fixes your weight but causes harm in some other way is stupid.
    Stupid diet.

  18. Diet Plans must be nutritionally balanced.
    If they aren't, your health will not improve. What's the point?

  19. One diet is too hard.
    Disciplined dieters have a hard time sticking to one diet, let alone someone weak like myself. I suggest you "cycle."

  20. The Chinese and Body Builders aren't fat.
    We are. Hum...

The top 20 diet facts basically say: eat the right food combinations and exercise to prevent weight gain. If you must lose weight, eat the right food combinations to lose fat not muscle. Do the cycle and know your eating personality. Don't be scared to mix a second diet in your cycle. A diet should not stress your body. Practice good habits and drink plenty of water. If you have any questions about these important diet facts, just write to us.

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