The Diet Basics Concept

A Tour of Helpful Articles
for Starting a Diet Right

The diet basics concept for losing weight focuses on a few simple dieting facts, scientifically proven to result in weight loss. The "Tour" of articles is a collection of important weight loss information you should understand BEFORE starting any diet plan.

The articles are listed below. Remember, they do not cover the specifics of the diet basics concept, those come later. Instead, the articles are for learning important weight loss information BEFORE starting any diet.

Go through each link and read the article which opens into your browser. Just pick a topic, click the link, and learn. The articles are arranged for easy progression from one related topic to the next.

We hope this helps. If you can learn one fact per article about weight loss in general, your chances for successfully losing weight increases dramatically.

Some of the links open PDF files and require the free...Adobe PDF Reader.

PDF-How Dietary Fat Causes Obesity
A brief review of the causes of obesity, including a thorough review of dietary fat and its role in obesity.

PDF-How Nutrient Poor Foods Cause Over-eating
Learn how nutrient poor foods cause you to over-eat and lead to malnourishment.

PDF-The Diet Basics of Weight -- Why You're Overweight
The final word on how you gained all that weight. Pay close attention, your answer to losing the weight is near.

PDF-A Diet Innocence -- Why You Need to Diet
Correct the four reasons why you need to diet and your well on the way to healthy weight loss.

The Benefits of Losing Weight
You'll be surprised by the amount of weight you need to lose to improve your health and lower your risk for disease...pleasantly surprised, that is.
Greed and Deception -- Why Diets Fail
Diets start off with the right idea, but it's lost quickly when "show me the money" becomes the marketing plan. And there's such an easy way to fix them.

Also check out Diet Deception.

The Best Way to Healthy Weight Loss
Learn how to lose healthy weight, this is the only way to lose weight AND keep it off! Diet basics and weight loss information.

Healthy weight loss involves three phases...Phases of Healthy Weight Loss

PDF-How to Safely Lose Weight Fast
We don't recommend fast weight loss, but we know many dieters will attempt the next fastest fad. So we provided a safe alternative to rapid weight loss.

How to Spot--Bad Pills and Bad Diets
Judge for yourself the quality of weight loss supplements and plans. How? We will teach you!

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