Is it a fat burning diet?

Follow the steps for the “Fat Burning Diet Analysis” test whenever you want to know the “fat burning” truth. Does your diet (or any diet) really result in weight loss because it “burns” fat?

To test a diet, simply apply the steps listed below and you’ll reveal the truth…unfortunately, most diets are not telling you all the facts. Thats why you need to know how to analyze a diet yourself.

Remember…healthy weight loss comes from losing FAT and losing FAT only!

The steps used for analyzing the “fat burning” capabilities of a diet are listed below. Your purpose is to figure out whether or not a diet “burns” fat in order to lose weight.

Learn the process here and take notes. Then see if you can correctly apply the analysis to a diet you may be considering. At the end of this article we recommend a fat burning diet plan that we believe will help you effectively lose fat in a healthy way, and keep it off.

Fat Burning Diet Analysis Training

Just click on the link to the first step and follow the instructions. You should end up back here for the next step.

  1. Analyze the rate of weight loss.
  2. Analyze the reduction in total calories.
  3. Analyze the food composition.
  4. Analyze the exercise program.

To score a diet, use the Table of Fat Burning Scores.

Diet Analysis – The Rate of Weight Loss

Like all of the steps in the “Fat Burning Analysis” training, this is easy and straight forward. There is one simple rule to follow…

The Rule for the Rate of Weight Loss analysis

  • 2 pounds per week max!

Check out the smaller ads for the diet in question and look for any mention of “Lose x pounds in x amount of time.” Where x is the number of pounds they claim you can lose in whatever specified time period they advertise.

Here is an example…

Lose 10 pounds ( or 10 lbs.) in 2 Weeks. Guaranteed!

So, 10 pounds divided by 2 is 5. You will lose 5 pounds per week. This is too fast and most definitely not from losing or burning fat.

As in this example, try and put all stats they give in a one week estimate. If it’s over two pounds per week, it’s not healthy weight loss — which, of course, is losing fat and fat only!

Diet Analysis – Reduction in Total Calories

This one is also simple. Did you know that cutting calories by only 250, without doing anything else, will lead to about a pound per week of weight loss? That’s it.

As a matter of fact, any reduction greater than 250, is not healthy and not associated with losing fat.

Look for any statements referring to calories. For this one, you might have to dig a little deeper and check into some of the website pages. But you’ll find it.

Just remember the key number, 250. To make it easier, give the maximum calorie cut a range, say between 250 and 500 calories. Beyond 500, you found a bad diet.

Diet Analysis – Composition of the Food

To lose fat you need to eat fat…the right kind of fat, of course. If you can eat any amount of fat without regard to the type of fat, this is a bad diet. It will not lead to healthy weight loss.

All you have to do, is look for healthy fats. If they list any as fats to eat…you have found a diet promoting healthy weight loss. For a listing of healthy fats and harmful fats, check out the Food Pyramid Guide and make note of the good, healthy fats.

Diet Analysis – Exercise

Does the diet have an exercise plan? Yes, good. As long as it’s not a rapid weight loss diet and not restricting calories too much, healthy weight loss is a good bet.

The Table of Fat Burning Scores

To make the ultimate decision about the true fat burning capabilities of a diet in question, use this table.

Pass Test? Yes or No Result
Rapid Test Yes — Move to next test
No — No need to continue
Not passing is automatic failure.
This diet does not burn fat.
Cut Calorie Test Yes — Move to next test
No — You can stop
No means an automatic failure.
This diet does not burn fat.
Food Composition Test Yes — Move to next test
No — Move to next step with doubt
If they limit harmful fats, it might be ok.
Exercise Test Yes — See comments
No — see comments
If you made it this far regardless of the food composition test, it’s at least an OK diet. Some fat loss will occur. However, a no under the exercise test is AUTOMATIC FAILURE!

Now use what you learned to decide which diets promote fat loss as the primary means of losing weight — which is the only form of Healthy Weight Loss.


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