Body Fat Comes from Calories NOT Used for Immediate Energy

The More You Eat, The More Fat You Store, and The More Weight You Gain

Calories (energy) not needed for immediate energy are converted to fat and then stored for future use. Gaining weight is the result of increasing the storage of body fat.

Burning the extra calories stored as body fat is what defines healthy weight loss. But there’s a problem…burning and losing stored body fat is not easy to do. Why?

The human body is designed to store fat, not burn it. Burning body fat is reserved for times of severe starvation. As a matter of fact, eating fewer calories (the basis of all diets) can lead to an increase in body fat. How?

Face with the possibility of starvation, your body starts to conserve energy. This means you’ll burn fewer calories and convert all the leftover calories into body fat.

It’s frustrating…you try to lose weight but store body fat, instead.