The “No Fluff” List of Bad Habits Keeping You Fat

An exact search on Google for “bad eating habits” produces nothing but fluff. Fluff is a useless list of “bad habits” published by yet another weight loss expert. Here is one example of fluff…

This tends to associate food with current mood and gives rise to an oral-fixation from a stalled developmental stage Ok, maybe there is some small aspect of truth in a “fluff” habit, but it leaves you wondering, “Now what?”

Instead, on our bad habits page, you will learn a three step process for replacing a bad habit with a good one. We want you to take Action!

Identify, Replace, & Practice

Three steps that put you in control and give you more than just fluff but a fighting chance to lose weight and keep it off! On this page are the top 10 bad eating habits keeping you over-weight, followed by the healthy eating habits that can keep you thin. It’s very simple and this is how it works:

  1. Identify one bad eating habit
  2. Identify the corresponding healthy eating habit (opposite column)
  3. Start the healthy eating habit
  4. Stop the bad eating habit

See it’s very simple…well, sort of. To help you stop a bad habit and then start a good one…

…is fantastic. No fluff in these.

Take as long as you need before moving on to the next bad habit. Two weeks, two months, or two years…doesn’t matter just take your time and practice the healthy eating habit daily.

Some dieters will also visualize and verbalize the stopping of the bad habit before starting the good one. That’s fine as long as you’re replacing a bad habit with a good one. If you don’t replace the bad one, you will start doing it again.

The recommendations for stopping a bad habit are from sources like…
The Power of Positive Habits.
These are meant to be simple changes for now. The strategy for difficult and complicated habits comes later.


Top 10 Bad Eating Habits

These healthy eating habits should make a substantial difference. Remember, healthy eating will lead to healthy and long lasting weight loss.


Bad Habits Good Habits
Drinking sodas before meals Drink water before a meal
Drinking sodas with meals Drink water during a meal
Skipping meals, starving, then pigging out at night Eat 5 meals per day, the smallest late in the day
Eating processed foods Eat fresh meats, cheeses, and vegetables
Eating to console self Exercise to console self
Eating too fast OR Eating too slow Eating a full meal in 20-30 minutes
Eating bad food combinations Protein + Starchy foods=No
*Eat balanced (40%/30%/30%)
Eating too large of portions Eat smaller portions…half what you eat now
Eating late in the day Stay away from fat late in the day
Dieting to lose weight by losing water and muscle Never go hungry (eat protein snacks) & Walk for 30 minutes after a meal