The Apple Patch Diet

You may have heard of the Apple Patch Diet. It’s one of the newest fads in the world of dieting.
Eating apples can help you slimThe 30 day Apple Patch Diet is not really a diet at all. It’s a patch that you apply to your skin, much like smokers trying to quit use a nicotine patch. The patch is supposed to include all-natural ingredients that will be absorbed through your skin and help you lose weight. Skin patches are the newest fad in the world of dieting.

In addition to helping you lose weight, this “diet” is supposed to increase your energy level, boost your metabolism and get rid of food cravings. Those are some big promises. You are supposed to see results in just 30 days.

Of course the company tells you that this diet is very effective and even gives a money back guarantee if you try the 30 day Apple Patch Diet and aren’t satisfied. Unfortunately, there is no research to indicate that this new “fad diet” actually works. In fact, there is no research to indicate that any diets involving a patch are effective.

Whats in the patch?

The patch contains a number of herbal ingredients. One is Garcinia Cambogia, which is reported to decrease your appetite. Studies, however, indicate the Garcinia Cambogia works about as well as a placebo.

Woman applying a patch on her thighThe patch contains Guarana, which is also supposed to decrease the appetite. It’s a stimulant similar to caffeine and may cause you to feel jittery, but probably will not affect your appetite much.

The company claims that these herbs are all safe to use, but one must always be careful when using herbs or other “natural” health aids. While they are usually safer and they usually have fewer side effects than conventional medications, they can interact with other drugs and can have negative effects on some people. You should check with your doctor before trying any herbal remedies.

The patch itself is approved by the FDA, but the mixture of herbs is not. Herbal remedies, including the 30 day Apple Patch Diet, are not regulated by the FDA or any other organization.

If you want to successfully lose weight and keep it off you’re going to have to do it the old-fashioned way. Eat a sensible diet and exercise. The company marketing the Apple Patch Fad Diet recommends that the patch be used along with a healthful diet and exercise plan.  We suggest you skip the patch and try one of our recommended diet plans to kick start your weight loss.